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《荷风》1995 水墨画


Monday, May 23, 2011

The Free World of Black Ink

A feel of Goh Ah Ang’s ‘World of Ants’
by Yu Hua Xing
(Panel Judge for China’s 7th and 8th National Art Exhibition)

Stone Says (II)  Ink on paper  2010

  For the past 15 years, my job required me to audit the progress of thousands of artists and art teachers. From my findings I could then determine the overall trend in the development of art and to identify possible leaders. I am truly glad that I actually could find a handful of dedicated art educators, brilliant calligraphers and painters, and some far-sighted and intelligent social groups. Their great passion in their work and their broad outlook towards art in general is something I am very proud of. This brightens the world of art. Among them, Mr. Goh, the founder of Top-Art School of Art & Design of Malaysia is one of the leaders to have all the above qualities.

  Mr. Goh is a filial son. In his 25th anniversary magazine of his art school he portrayed his mother as a highly respected and important person in his life. Filial piety is the root of all good characters and hence I strongly believe he is a good friend and a fantastic teacher.

  As a teacher, Mr. Goh imparts his knowledge to his students sincerely and faithfully. For the past 15 years, Top-Art youths strictly adhered to his style of art and Mr. Goh really prepares them to fly high when they are ready and not by taking any short cuts. The 30 years journey of Top-Art proves to us once again that ‘Sincerity can touch the Gods’.

  As an artist, Mr. Goh is knowledgeable and daring. He is able to destroy and reconstruct, fiercely passionate and yet able to tolerate loneliness. He focused on “constructing” his world of ants for 30 years as illustrated in his great art pieces. He uses the little lives (ants) to signify the human beings on Earth. The fantastic thoughts and exclusive unspoken language can inspire all the art masters. The drawings are simple and clear but its mysterious combination of imperfections will leave an indelible mark in your mind. If we ever immerse ourselves into the ants paintings of Mr Goh, we will be able to understand its philosophy behind it, the philosophy of Buddhist, Taoist and Zen behind each art piece, we seem to be able to visualize the prehistoric universe and the behaviors of mankind.

  The world today, underwent mutual blending between eastern and western cultures, the world of art is unique and diversified. This materialistic and complicated world lacks depth because there are too many temptations. However, Mr. Goh is able to maintain calm state of mind, his integrity is something very invaluable.

  Mr. Goh’s ants paintings, combines the charm of traditional ink painting with some special techniques. His intention is to break away from the traditional rules and go beyond mediocrity, bringing art to a higher level. In order to do this, he needs to have courage and sacrifice along the way to overcome all odds with great perseverence. 

  In 1995, I visited South Korea for the first time. Looking from the altitude of thousands of meters, I saw small moving dots beneath the clouds. At that moment I was suddenly overwhelmed with very intense feelings. Today, we witness Mr. Goh using ants to portray hardship, the spirit of team work and, giving and sharing, feeling enlighten and inspired.   

  Art can strongly determine an artist’s character, personality and achievements. In addition it can also determine the depth of a connoisseur’s recognition and acknowledgement. ‘World of Ants’ deemed such a masterpiece.
  The power of art, rooted in the personality of an artist. It’s success depends on skills and accomplishment of the author, as well as the consensus of the readers and resonate. ‘World of Ants’ by Mr Goh can be described as another classic.

  In the mid 20th century, the great Master, the late Mr. Li Ke Ran, used the description, ‘The unlimited boundary in black ink’ to describe precisely the unlimited attractions of traditional ink painting. Today, in the 21st century, Mr. Goh’s ‘World of Ants’ has further expressed the meaning of the above phrase. Art and creativity is infinite. The world of ink is like boundless oceans ......  
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